We founded the Hummingbird Bike Company in London in 2015. What inspired us was a problem with no solution – this is how most innovative ideas come together. No one was building the beautiful, high performance, lightweight folding bicycles for daily riding that we wanted to own.


The first Hummingbird Bike was a passion project, built by designer Petre Craciun. We wanted to design an ultralight, compact folding bike that isn’t a compromise. Since then, it has become a successful business that aims to continuously innovate the cycling industry.


We believe that innovation comes from function, and function executed beautifully creates an equally beautiful product. Owning very well-made, beautiful objects that make us happy every day is a giant step towards social and environmental sustainability.


A Hummingbird is for life. With our partners at Prodrive, one of the world’s largest and most successful motorsport and technology businesses, the Hummingbird provides world-class performance. And you will never want to take your eyes off it.

The Hummingbird, engineered by Prodrive


The Hummingbird combines all the key attributes of style, innovation and technical excellence that Prodrive stands for. The frame is being manufactured by Prodrive Composites in Milton Keynes with further parts production and final assembly carried out at Prodrive’s headquarters in Banbury.

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