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Hummingbird Review: Philip H

Fast and comfortable, well impressed, even managed the cobbles at Covent Garden with no trouble

Hummingbird Review: Robert E

I’ve taken my Hummingbird electric bike to several countries last year and numerous trips to various locations here in the USA. What I like best ab...

Hummingbird Review: Masahiko S

I ordered a Hummingbird single speed bike, because I only ride it in Tokyo. I chose the bespoke colour and I am very satisfied. It has such a beaut...

Hummingbird Review: Matthew D

Love the way it rides. Love the way it looks. The weight of the bike is great.

Hummingbird Review: Simon B

It turns heads whenever I ride it and anyone who's tried it has been impressed by the weight, performance and surprised by the sweet handling.

Hummingbird Review: Simon H

Beautiful design and well engineered. Really smooth to ride. Rides fast and accelerates well because it’s so light