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Hummingbird grows the lightest folding sustainable bike

Sustainable flax bike
Coming soon, our new Hummingbird sustainable bike.

The bike frame isn’t made out of carbon fibre but instead woven from natural flax fibres, also known as linseed.

Our sustainable flax bike

Already making inroads into the motorsport industry as an alternative to carbon fibre, flax represents a viable substitute across multiple applications. Lighter than carbon fibre equivalents, and potentially offering improved vibration damping, flax also has a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

A sustainable material, waste generated at the production stage also remains biodegradable.

Eco-friendly electric bikes

Reduce your carbon emissions with this environmentally-friendly electric bike.

Not only does cycling have a smaller environmental impact than driving, but the raw materials used to construct this folding bike are also more sustainable.

With all the performance benefits and features of our standard folding electric bike, with added eco-credentials.

  • Tri-spoke carbon fibre wheels
  • Gates belt drive
  • Titanium railed Brooks Cambium saddle

Read more about our flax fibre bike in Cyclist.

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