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Hummingbird x BRM Takes on Silverstone

What better way to test drive this exciting Hummingbird x BRM collaboration than on the same track its four-wheeled ancestors drive around?

We headed to Silverstone to put our wheels in motion and see how our exclusive folding bike fares on one of the world's most infamous Grand Prix courses.



Why is this the ultimate collaboration?

…Hummingbird’s bikes are engineered and built by world leading motorsport and advanced technology company, Prodrive, meaning they are developed with the same precision as world championship motorsport cars; such as British Racing Motors

Learn more about the Hummingbird x BRM partnership, or shop the limited edition folding bike and join the exclusive club of 1 of only 17 owners in the world.

To celebrate BRM’s 60th anniversary celebrations, bikes will display a VIN plate, denoting the edition number and a designated Grand Prix win!