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Hummingbird Folding Electric Bike Gen 2.0 - Buyer’s Guide

The new Hummingbird Electric Gen 2.0 is the lightest folding electric bike in the world.

Simple, powerful, portable and a joy to ride.

Learn more about the cutting-edge bicycle technology behind our latest e-bike...



Gen 2.0 bicycle technology: What’s new?


Our new edition of the Hummingbird Electric bike has been re-engineered to include some exciting new features to help you cycle further and faster with effortless freedom.

Features include;

  • 50% more torque for a smoother, easier ride
  • 20% more range to cover 40-50 km on a single charge
  • All in one electric motor and battery
  • Rear hub motor 250W
  • Replaceable, built-in battery with 3000 cycles
  • 3-hour full charging time
  • Pedal-assist bike with a maximum assisted speed setting of 25 km/h
  • Remote control power boost function
  • New power modes available
  • LED indicators
  • Weight: 10.3kg - 22,7 pounds
  • Ultra-light aluminium alloy wheelset
  • Carbon fibre frames engineered and manufactured by Prodrive
  • Quick-release tabs for easier wheel removal
  • High-performance Schwalbe Kojak with Kevlar bead tires with puncture protection and reflective band for high visibility
  • Hand made in England

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Powerful motor and battery


The Italian engineered built-in battery offers a capacity of 158Wh or 3000 cycles. The integrated motor and battery hub has the highest energy/weight ratio on the market making it the perfect pairing for the Hummingbird.

Weighing in at just 3.5 KG, this lightweight Zehus hub will transform your ride for powerful yet effortless cycling.




Digital connectivity to power up your ride.

The Hummingbird Electric 2.0 features a remote Bluetooth 5.1 remote control which allows you to change power modes and activate the sprint assist to power up hills.

Simply download the App which connects your smartphone to the motor and remote control via Bluetooth. Register your bike to access customer care and live diagnostics.

Once set up, you can check your speed, battery status and engine power on the move, and even locate your Hummingbird through the active electronic locking system.


The lightest folding electric bike in the world


The Hummingbird Electric bicycle weighs in at 10.3kg - 22.7 pounds making it the lightest folding e-bike in the world.

But what makes it so lightweight?

All of the components are crafted from high-performance, lightweight materials, from the CNC ultra-light brake levers to the EVA foam grips and YBN super-light hollow pin chain design.

The cut-out details on the gen 2 hub make the bike even lighter. With everything built-in, there is no heavy battery or wires weighing you down and getting in the way of your ride.

The light and strong carbon fibre frames are engineered and manufactured by Prodrive.

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How does the electric bike work?


Hummingbird is easy to use, powerful, fast connecting and multifunctional.

This electric folding bike is powered by an all-in-one motor system that provides a powerful pedal-assist ride and long battery life.

The revolutionary design and Bluetooth 5.1 technology is fun, safe, efficient and engaging


The best folding electric bike for…


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Hummingbird can offer...


Best folding bike for commuters


This electric 2.0 model is perfect for commuters and city-dwellers thanks to its simple, folding design, lightweight frame and security features.

Avoid public transport and ramp up your fitness by cycling to work on the lightest folding e-bike in the world.

Connect your unique motor code with the App and Bluetooth connectivity to fully lock your electric road bike wherever you are. The Active Electric Lock System provides extra security for city life.

With no external battery and lightweight materials, this model is easily transportable and can be folded and stored away neatly at home in four easy steps.

The Active Regenerative braking system means that you can cycle for longer without needing to recharge.


Best electric bike for beginner cyclists


If you’re new to cycling, Hummingbird Electric makes for a great introduction into the world of electric bikes.

The Gen 2.0 has 50% more torque to make your ride feel smoother and stronger and the remote-controlled sprint assist gives you an extra boost for cycling up hills.

With extra safety features such as LED’s for high visibility and easy to use systems - the Hummingbird is guaranteed to be a safe and comfortable bike for beginners.

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Best e-bike for fitness


The new Bitride App allows you to monitor your speed on the go. Perfect for cyclists looking to achieve their PB on the way to work.


How to use the Hummingbird E-bike 2.0


By registering your Hummingbird through the App you can access customer care services, remote servicing and real-time diagnostics.

Please see our electric bike manual for more information.


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