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The Electric Dream: Hummingbird eBikes

Hummingbird electric bike in black

As the global e-bike revolution goes from strength-to-strength, the Hummingbird Electric bike continues to dominate the headlines.

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Electric bikes give you extra power when you need it!

- Tackle hills with without breaking a sweat

Carry heavier loads without your legs and the pedals feeling like lead

- Get to your destination feeling and looking fresh

In the Netherlands, a country where cycling has been embraced and championed for many decades, over 400,000 e-bikes were sold in 2018, accounting for over 68% of the €1.2 billion in total bicycle sales.

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Enjoy a sense of freedom - avoid the commuter congestion on public transport and start riding.

According to Transport for London, cars in central London will be driving at an average of just 12 kph in 2020.

With the Hummingbird Electric top assisted speed of 25 kph you be will first off the mark.

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In 2018, a bike was stolen in the UK every six minutes!

E-bikes are an expensive investment to leave on the street, so the Hummingbird Electric eliminates the risk with our simple fold mechanism.

Our narrow fold system means it is easy to fold, easy to store at home or in the office, and easily portable to any occasion.

It takes less than 5 seconds to fold, so what's stopping you?

Fold & go!

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Looks can be deceiving, but this really is an e-bike!

The Hummingbird Electric is a one-of-a-kind, folding e-commuter bike with up to 25 km/h assisted speed that weighs just over 10kg.

Our Hummingbird single speed e-bike is built around a full carbon monocoque frame and the Zehus all-in-one rear hub motor and battery, which makes for a very rigid construction and well-balanced riding experience.

Additionally, it’s equipped with Tektro rim brakes, Schwalbe tires and a 53/13 gearing that is perfectly weighed for urban riding and even longer commutes if you live outside the city.

A full range of bike accessories, including factory fitted mudguards are available for your every need.

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Using the Bitride App gives you total control over the settings.

Bitride connects to your Hummingbird Electric via Bluetooth and it allows you to adjust your motors assist, top boost speed and regenerative braking functions.

Bitride also displays your speed, battery status and engine power.

To start up your motor, simply ride your Hummingbird e-bike up to 8 km/h and then back pedal 3 revolutions.

The motor turns off automatically after 2 minutes standing still.

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At only 3.4 kg, the integrated 250W all-in-one electric motor and battery is built into the rear wheel.

It can be charged through the port located in the rear wheel axle.

A 3 hour charge will give you a 30-40 km assisted ride, or more if you use the regenerating braking function that charges the battery while riding.

The built-in Li-ion battery has a 154,8Wh capacity and a minimum of 1000 charging cycles.

This makes the Hummingbird Electric the most suitable and sustainable travel partner for adventures on the open road.

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lectric x Single Speed

The Zehus all-in-one system permits you to easily swap between an electric bike and a single speed push bike.

By changing the rear wheel you can convert your Hummingbird Electric into a 6.9 kg single speed bike for the days you want to to enjoy some manual pedal power.

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Our Hummingbird Electric range is making headlines for one reason - it has the best power to weight ratio on the market!

Have some fun and fall in love with that sense of freedom and effortless speed that the Hummingbird Electric has to offer.