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Christmas Wishlist: Cycling Christmas Gifts for Every Budget

As the festive season approaches, it's time to add a dash of excitement to your Christmas shopping list! 

Whether you're a dedicated cyclist looking for a Christmas treat, or shopping for one, our curated selection of cycling Christmas gifts caters to every budget and style. Give a gift that truly goes the extra mile.

Brooks Cambium Rubber Grips

Grip the Holidays with Comfort and Style!


Wrap your hands around the seamless blend of thermoplastic rubber and organic cotton. These Brooks Cambium bike handlebar grips not only provide a natural feel but also elevate your riding experience while also looking the part.

Brooks Cambium C17 Special Edition Saddle

Ride Into Comfort: A Saddle That Adapts to You


Introduce your loved one to true comfort with the Cambium C17, watch them say goodbye to those "ouch" moments on their bike. This saddle isn't just what it says on the tin. The Cambium C17 saddle works like a hammock, absorbing vibrations and shocks. No more sore bums, just smooth and enjoyable adventures. 

Shopping Basket

Shop in Style, Store with Ease!


Transform their cycling experience with our popular shopper. The bike shopping basket is a game-changer for those on-the-go city types. Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with a backpack, whether it's a laptop, bottle of wine or a load of groceries. This basket secures their belongings with a handy drawstring cover and folds away with ease: practical and stylish. It's the perfect gift to make a loved one's rides smoother and their load lighter. 

Full-Length Mudguards

Commute in Style, Come Rain or Shine


Level up their cycling game with some Full-Length Mudguards – the perfect gift that combines durability and versatility. Is your loved one all too familiar with cycling for a weekend catch up only to be covered in a coat of mud when they arrive? Are they sick of ruining their coats or trousers on their commute to work? Problem solved!

Crafted with chromoplastic and stainless steel fittings, these full-length mudguards provide a deep profile for added strength, ensuring a sleek and protected ride. Give the gift of a clean ride, regardless of the weather or terrain. It's the ideal present for someone who loves cycling without the mess!

Hummingbird Carry Bag

Take Your Hummingbird Anywhere with Ease


Gift the joy of hassle-free travels with the Hummingbird Carry Bag. Handmade in the UK, this bag is not just a carrier; it's a guardian angel for their bike - and hands. Fully padded and equipped with waterproof zips and comfy shoulder straps, it ensures their bike stays snug and secure on all their adventures.

The carry bag is the solution for the multi-transport commuter, making the journey from wheels to rails a breeze. Hauling their bike on the Underground has never been easier. Weekend getaways with a bike in tow? No problem! The Hummingbird Carry Bag turns any escapade into a smooth journey. 

Single-Speed Folding Bike

Simplicity Meets Power: Unleash the Fun!


Our single-speed folding bike is a purist's dream. With carbon tri-spoke performance wheels, striking design, and low-maintenance features, it's the ultimate blend of style and substance, providing a simple, fun, and easy-to-use cycling experience.

Surprise the cycling enthusiast in your life with the lightest folding bike in the land – a dream come true for purists! Our single-speed bike is a statement, a blend of sleek design and high-performance features. Equipped with carbon tri-spoke performance wheels and boasting a low-maintenance design, it's the perfect mix of style and substance.

Know someone tired of dealing with complex gears and constant maintenance? Gift them the simplicity of a single-speed folding bike – no fuss, just fun! Or are they sick of their cramped morning commute on the tube or wasting their day in traffic? Whether navigating city streets or cruising the countryside, this bike offers an uncomplicated and enjoyable cycling experience. 

Hummingbird Folding Electric Flax Bike

Light on Weight, Heavy on Sustainability


Do you really want to spoil the lucky receiver? Okay, we’ve got you. 

Introducing the world's lightest and most sustainable e-bike. The Folding Electric Flax Bike, made from pioneering plant fibre material, not only matches carbon fibre in strength but also adds an eco-friendly touch to urban adventures.

The flax e-bike is the solution to the modern commuter’s dilemma, merging strength, agility and environmental responsibility. Help your friend, relative, partner wave goodbye to (a slice of) their carbon footprint and say hello to guilt-free, efficient travels. 

With the electric bike, they'll enjoy a powerful 250W motor, a built-in battery with 50% more torque and 20% more range, allowing over 50 km of exploration on a single charge. If they’re the type that usually starts the day with a dead phone, rest assured they won’t have to worry about remembering to charge their bike after every single ride.

This is no ordinary bike; it's a sustainable, electric adventure waiting to unfold.

In a time when we’re all trying to cut waste, consider giving a gift that you know the cycling enthusiast in your life will use day in, day out. Our selection is designed for functionality and to elevate the ride of any cyclist. This Christmas, let the spirit of adventure and innovation guide your gift-giving.

Explore our full range of folding bikes and bike accessories to find a gift that aligns with your loved one's passion. Plus, with the convenience of Klarna's split payment option, you can spread the joy without breaking the bank and ease the tensions on December’s wallet!