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Hummingbird's Standout Moments from 2022!

As one year ends and another begins, it's a wonderful time to reflect on the year just gone, particularly your triumphs. 

For Hummingbird, 2022 was filled with a number of proud, standout moments that we, too, would like to reflect on before we head into 2023. 

With that said, here's a yearly round-up of Hummingbird's 2022 achievements:

An Unforgettable Launch: Flax Fibre Bike

Our biggest and possibly proudest achievement of 2022 was launching our pioneering folding flax bike

After many tests, trials, tribulations and prototypes, in April, we were ecstatic to release our sustainable innovation to the world. 

State-of-the-art technology and artisanal craftsmanship worked in harmony on this creation; from transforming the plant fibres into a material to hand cutting the textile and delicate hand-finished details, the flax bike is handcrafted from field to frame.

A first of its kind, our Flax frame is made entirely from plant fibres. The waste generated during production is biodegradable, and the nature of the frame means it will eventually break down at the end of its lifecycle. Our flax bike truly is the most sustainable form of transportation, only preceded by walking. 


Revamping + Reintroducing Belt Drive

You asked, we listened.

A goal for 2022 was to reintroduce a belt drive option back into our line, and we did so on our original multi-speed folding bike.

We spent some time reinventing our existing technology and making it the most efficient and effective belt drive it could be before we reintroduced it to the masses. 

We created a carbon-reinforced belt that runs smoother and quieter than ever before while preserving its clean, low-maintenance nature. 

Before long, we were ready for our upgraded multi-speed belt drive bike to hit the market: fabricated for urban life and designed for freedom! 


BRM: Two British Icons, One Classic Bike

Another unforgettable moment from 2022 was our collaboration with a British icon, motorsports pioneer and World Champion F1 team all wrapped up into one - British Racing Motors. 

An unbelievable opportunity that we couldn't surpass, Hummingbird worked alongside the masterminds at BRM to create a bike that embodies the DNA of both forces, comprising exceptional engineering, innovative materials and undeniable design. 

Together, we designed a folding bike that presents an honourable nod to BRM's impeccable motorsports history while encapsulating some of Hummingbird's finest ideas.

The limited edition BRM x Hummingbird bike was crafted from our innovative flax material and featured an advanced belt drive system and high-performance tyres, but the finer details make this bike special.

The run of 17 bikes features unmistakeable elements such as Brooks Leather saddle and handlebars, a racing-green body with an exposed flax window, and a VIN plate depicting a unique number from 1 to 17, representing each of BRM's World Championship titles.

Two British icons, one classic bike!

 We hope for more wonderful releases, collaborations and creations for 2023, and we hope you'll stay tuned for the ride. 

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