Single Speed
The Single-Speed Hummingbird is the ultimate city bike: it will enable you to free up the city and be free as a bird. Simplicity at its best.
The 4-Speed Hummingbird is the versatile city bike: if you like to explore different environments and travel frequently, this is a better fit for you. The first 4-Speed bikes will be available from Summer 2017.


Hummingbird Yellow
+ £0  
This one is for the young at heart. Happy and bright, you can see this Hummingbird coming from miles away! It’s also our original colour, encompassing our brand identity: something new, fresh and exciting.
Prestige Black
+ £0  
The ultimate power colour. Elegant, classic and sophisticated, Prestige Black is the colour of extremes - all or nothing.
Burnt Orange
+ £0  
The smoky undertones of the Burnt Orange Hummingbird make it a little provocative, a little intriguing… definitely one for the mysterious types!
Freedom Blue
+ £0  
Cool to the touch, cool to the eye. Confident, professional, unshakable, this Hummingbird will lighten up the grey streets.
Carbon Edition
+ £500  
Our top range of the Hummingbird, the Carbon Edition, is a stunning visual carbon frame that will certainly stand out from the crowd. The natural connection of craftsmanship and machinery results in a strong, beautiful carbon weave and ultimately a gorgeous bike.
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United Kingdom
+ £50
+ £65
+ £80
Rest of the world
+ £150

Hummingbird Bike

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